Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to Snag a Guy

You want a guy? You need focus. Know what you want. Get what you crave. The rules are simple. Follow them and get the guy. Happy hunting, ladies! World, here comes the control freaks

Prowl around your work area, favorite restaurants, and/or coffee shops. If you have a favorite hobby, check out the single men in that venue. For example, if a woman loves reading, she will sit in a corner with her favorite book - not turning a page – in search of the one. Of course, finding one in the midst of the possible male attractions might be difficult so she’d better watch her expectations especially if she forgets which is reality…the book or the bookstore. With careful precision, this woman spots a man with good physique and a good taste in books. She stalks him with her eyes.

Once the man has been spotted, the time has come for some subtle aka hardcore flirting action. It’s imperative that the woman catches the man’s eye. Some may suggest wearing colorfully revealing clothes, slowly insinuating yourself into his group of friends, and talking to him at every chance that you get. Be a more exaggerated version of yourself obnoxious – strike 1. Make sure that you cuddle up to him every chance that you can needy – strike 2. Play with your hair while coyly glancing at him old school – strike 3 – you’re out.

Now, the man is obtainable. Be sweet and demure. However, allow him times to chase you. A guy likes to be able to woo a woman. Be chase-able. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have any control of the situation. Remember, you are the prize. Therefore, show the guy that you find him attractive, but make sure that you allow him to lead the chase as much as possible. Don’t call him, but entice him to call you. Be hard to get and never gotten.

First, stalk the guy.

this is key to getting that restraining order.

Second, bat those big eyelashes.

he won’t think you have Tourrette’s.

Third, chase him.

Nothing screams hot like chasing a guy.

Fourth, be dateable and real.

really? Don’t you think fake is attractive?

Fifth, coyly suggest marriage.

Better yet, just propose.

Last, sleep with him.

Good, he has no reason to marry you. So if he does marry you, he must love you or you’re one heck of a manipulative control freak.

Ladies, this is the way to snag a man. Sleep with the guy, and pull him along. Bat your eyelashes and play coy. Snagging men will become like second nature to you. To all your girlfriends, do not forget to call these men your “boy toys.”