Wednesday, June 29, 2011

a room full of engineers is worse than a group of old gossipy women

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wig Modeling

This old guy tells me I'm brain dead.
Me: ?????excuse me????? you are joking, right? RIGHT?

Then, he compliments my hair because it covers my lack of brain activity.
Me: ??????

And now, I'm left at a loss of how to interact with the male species. My stellar responses to this man's insult/compliment only validate his claim. Suh-weet. Maybe I'll take up wig modeling since I need good hair to cover up the deadness of my brain.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Man Appreciation

I like men, I'll admit. They've got some pretty cool things going for them. Here's a list that I've compiled in honor of some men in my life.

1. Muscles – They’re nice to look at, but I can appreciate them so much better when they’re in action (I like them even better when they’re helping me).

2. A Strong chin – We can only really enjoy this if you actually take the time to shave.

3. Chivalry – I can get the door myself; yet, it’s so much better if you make a point to get it even before I’ve considered the fact that I need to go through that door. This goes for other things, too (“Let me take those heavy bags for you. Oh, they’re not heavy? Let me take them anyway.”)

4. “Wait, that’s your sister?! (you treat her so well that I know that you’d treat your girlfriend even better. Sign me up!)”

5. Intentionality – Choose one girl and pursue her. Don’t go playing with every available heart. Nothing burns like the anger of a woman (or many women).

6. A Man who cries – You get more man points for this because we don’t doubt your manhood. I appreciate a man who can be real.

7. Cleanliness – I love a man who takes care of himself. It shows someone who’s serious about all realms of life. Also, the smell of such a man is real nice. I’ll stand near to him.