Friday, February 11, 2011

Dear Insensitive-Self-Focused World,

Honestly, what kind of world do we live in. You walk through a college campus and not one person acknowledges your presence. Oh, yeah, it's good to be alive today - not. It's as though I am completely invisible. No one sees me unless they want to. I want to be seen all the time!
What kind of world is this? Self-focused. Little children do not belong in places of death. Hey, did you here that? You kill a child even by accident and I'm thinking you should probably just go jump off a cliff. Okay, maybe not. You probably already feel like poop from a donkey's butt.
Why is it all right for people to ignore others who are obviously having problems? Guys ignore other guys that are dealing with issues. It's like they have some sort of disease and it's catching. HARDLY! Girls avoid girls who seem to be a little off - a little too emotional - a little too needy. What the F?
What happens when you become that person? Will anyone see you? Hope away. Of course, this is all hypothetical so it's not real, right? Well, what happens what hypothetical meets reality?
You'll be alone.
You didn't take a moment to see anyone else.

Have fun being alone.