Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dilettante of Serial Dating

Dear Dr. Jeanne,

I've done something rather rash. I've signed up for a dating website called okcupid. It's free. I figured, "why not?"

Anyway, I'm troubled because a lot of my friends think I've gone off the deep end. Really, I think I'm looking for amusement and meeting new people. Do you think that's bad?

Also, I'm struggling with self-respect. I always thought that online dating was sketch. But now I'm doing it. Do you think that's okay?

a dilettante in serial dating

My Dear Dilettante,

Don't bother with those who think you've gone off the deep end! Sure, they have wisdom and care deeply for you; however, this is a new chance to grow and try new things. Be wise, but be daring! Why cower in fear?

I want you to be able to respect yourself! Think deeply about what's making you feel this lack of self-respect. Is it simply the fear of what others think? That's normal, but don't let it influence your level of self-respect! You are a strong, surely beautiful, and confidant woman--worth the time of others!

Here's to adventure!
Dr. Jeanne

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Whiskey Sour

"you're afraid of love"

That's what the scarlet-shirted man at the bar said to me. I shrugged and took a swig of my whiskey sour. Who was he to say that anyway?

When his drink was set before him, he grabbed it and moved to the other single woman at the bar slyly propositioning her. She threw her blonde highlighted hair back and laughed drawing her electric blue nails across the ice dew on her glass. She's captivatingly fearless.

I stared down into my drink. Given a couple more of these and I'm sure I could be that flirtatious. "Doubtful. You'd just be a messy drunk."

"Did you say something, Angel?" The big cowboy to my left asked. He'd already downed quite a few drafts, but he seemed no worse for the wear.

I began to shrug; then decided to confess. "See that man in the scarlet shirt, he asked me to sleep with him, and when I refused, he said, 'You're afraid of love.'"

The cowboy stopped mid-gulp and turned to fully look at me. My cheeks flushed warmth as I became spotlighted in his blue-eyed gaze. He looked at my empty glass. "Sweet Pea, can I buy you another drink? It'll take the edge off."

"One whiskey sour is my limit. A ginger ale would be fine, though." I scratched my nose and pushed my straight red hair behind a ear. Cowboy seemed nice, toned, and twice the man that scarlet-shirted man was. "Do you think he was right?"

Cowboy waved the bar tender over and ordered a ginger ale for me. He picked up his draft and took a gulp. "From my experience, love and sex do not equate. You can have great sex and no love for the other person."

It was my turn to take a gulp of my ginger ale. The liquid fizzed down my throat. "Okay, so you're saying that dude equates love and sex? So I shouldn't be feeling offended at his comment."

"Exactly." Cowboy raised his glass to mine, and we clinked glasses. I smiled.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Intimidated Men

someone explain to me why headstrong and confident women are so intimidating to men.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

"good morning"

Why in the world do people wish each other "good morning"? It makes no sense. Honestly, it's not like we don't know it's morning--after all, morning came to us by either a nagging mother or a yelling alarm clock. Not pleasant. So don't you wish me a good morning! Anyway, I know it's morning so let's quit with the obvious.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

If love is so great, why does it hurt so much?