Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dilettante of Serial Dating

Dear Dr. Jeanne,

I've done something rather rash. I've signed up for a dating website called okcupid. It's free. I figured, "why not?"

Anyway, I'm troubled because a lot of my friends think I've gone off the deep end. Really, I think I'm looking for amusement and meeting new people. Do you think that's bad?

Also, I'm struggling with self-respect. I always thought that online dating was sketch. But now I'm doing it. Do you think that's okay?

a dilettante in serial dating

My Dear Dilettante,

Don't bother with those who think you've gone off the deep end! Sure, they have wisdom and care deeply for you; however, this is a new chance to grow and try new things. Be wise, but be daring! Why cower in fear?

I want you to be able to respect yourself! Think deeply about what's making you feel this lack of self-respect. Is it simply the fear of what others think? That's normal, but don't let it influence your level of self-respect! You are a strong, surely beautiful, and confidant woman--worth the time of others!

Here's to adventure!
Dr. Jeanne