Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Teen Romance

They always think they've found their true love within the first five minutes of setting eyes on a strapping (or should I say scrawny) young man. He walks into the cafeteria abdominal muscles tight and arms bulging. Teenage girl swoons as he walks past. The girl has just fallen in love with his ego.
Usually, I hate spring. I hate it with all the budding flowers and the cutesy little couples coming out from the wood work. Where did they all come from? The girls staring into the guys' eyes trying to find themselves.
Well, guess what, Honey! You won't be finding any of yourself in his eyes! He'll be to busy looking at his own reflection in your eyes. Nothing for you there.

Teenage love. Puke in my mouth. Bane of my Spring and scorn of my winter. They can just go make goo-goo eyes at each other through sunglasses and they can go slobber on each other at Niagara Falls (I think that equates about how much drool occurs).

Of course, if you are some lame-o and you like that kind of cutesy thing, you should probably enter this giveaway for a free copy of Voyance, a teen fiction novel.