Thursday, March 3, 2011

Odious Men

The other day would have been just fine if wasn’t for men. Yes, I was dressed nicely, but not like a slut. Honestly, I was minding my own business and having a nice dinner with my father. So I’m sitting there and I glance at my father and catch a man in the next booth over looking at me. His eyes burned into me. At first, I just looked away hoping that he wasn’t looking at me like a piece of meat. I tried to enjoy the meal.

This man sat with his family. His beautiful wife desperately tried to manage the children while her husband mentally molested another woman (and people wonder why I’m bitter towards men). Sitting there, I felt sick to my stomach. How dare this dork of a human being sit with his family while subjecting another woman to his odious stare.

Sure to be wanted is thrilling, but to be undressed by a man’s eyes while he sits with his family (wife and three kids) is repulsive. Sadly, I didn’t castrate him. All I did was leave the restaurant.