Thursday, February 14, 2013

Date Fail #1

Although I'm a cynic to all things romantic, I decided I needed to branch out and do some dating. So I went on a date with Bashful.

Bashful's a good guy. He fits every little girl's checklist. And he'd make any momma very happy indeed.

Bashful took me to the zoo. A great idea except he was so quiet and didn't make any conversation except to mimic the noises the animals were making. Seriously. I don't understand "ooo ooo ahh ah". Is that monkey for "what are your passions in life"?

At dinner, the waitress looked between me and Bashful asking, "Together or separate?" He whispered, "I'll pay."
I really don't think the waitress was going to bit him or anything.

While I ate my swiss and mushroom burger with gusto, Bashful barely picked at his food. "Aren't you hungry?" I asked as I reached for my Coke. He poked a french fry with his fork but didn't look up.
"Not really."
I scrunch my eyebrows together thinking about how hungry I had been from walking throughout the zoo. I felt my eyes widen as a thought hit me. "Don't tell me that you're too nervous to eat!"
He still didn't look at me. I decided not to push the issue.

I pried words from him by asking him tons of questions. I found out that he owns a hedgehog named Mike, believes that traveling is walking from his bedroom to the living room, and that he lives in a glorified shack in his parents' backyard.

Yeah, he sounds like a keeper. I'll just need to erase "long talks on the beach" from my list of must-haves.